With quality embedded in our design approach, team-work and our dedication to the most accurate measurements and the tighest tolerances, it's obvious that we can make just about anything.

From reverse engineering using digital scanning equipment, to full 3D modelling from last-minute data delivered via email, we have the capacity to supply you with exactly what you want. 

For examples of our full range of our capabilities, have a look at the list on your left.


Large 5-Axis
5000mm x 2500mm x 1300mm Continuous A - C axis



Large 5-Axis 
3000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm Continuous B - C axis
Small 5-Axis
1600mm x 700mm x 1000mm Continuous A - B axis
3 Axis    
3000mm x 1970mm x 800mm
2500mm x 2200mm x 800mm
2200mm x 1200mm x 900mm
2060mm x 900mm x 1350mm 
2060mm x 900mm x 1000mmHartford 2060
1600mm x 800mm x  700mm
1600mm x 800mm x  700mm
1400mm x 700mm x  900mm
1400mm x 700mm x  900mm
1300mm x 630mm x  600mm
1270mm x 630mm x  600mm
1000mm x 500mm x  500mm