LSNW can provide effective design solutions to meet 'ever-changing' customer requirements.

Using the latest Cad/Cam software packages we can supply full 3D solid models in most formats: namely Catia, Autodesk (Delcam)- Powershape.

 Catia screen viewCpnt. Weld Assy. FixtureCpnt. Weld Assy. Fixture drawing

Cad/Cam Models

LSNW is linked via Ftp and email to enable enquiries, designs and concepts to be sent and received efficiently in a variety of forms – from digital photographs and sketches to fully surfaced complex models.


All our tool designers and programmers are experienced and knowledgable engineers, fully trained in using Catia ver. 4 and 5, Powershape, Powermill and Autocad. 


Using the latest conversion software from Autodesk allows LSNW the ability to read information in almost any format a customer wishes to supply it.

Our service enables customers to offer 'quick turn-arounds' for quotations and design approvals when handling enquiries in a wide range of formats including Catia, ProE, SolidWorks, igs, stl, stp and dgk.

Reverse Engineering

There are many reasons to consider reverse engineering as a tooling solution:

  • Existing tooling requiring duplication due to increased demand but no CAD data available.
  • A.O.G. / old aircraft component needs replicating and again no drawing or CAD data available.
  • A prototype hand made part requires modelling and tooling manufacturing.
  • Bespoke parts need generating, but mating surfaces need interfacing with existing parts.
  • Etc. Etc. see examples.

This can be achieved using our Faro laser line probing system interfaced with Geomagic scanning software.

The scanning of the part / object can be done on or off-site depending on size and access.

The portability of the Faro arm allows a flexible approach to suit your requirements.