Laser Holding Fixtures

vacuum laser Holding FixtureLaser technology has advanced exponentially over the last 10 years. The speed of cutting, the depth of cut and the accuracy of cut have all massively improved. All these improvements are meaningless if the component is not held correctly during the laser cutting process.

There are several ways in which this can be achieved without the use of clamps. The first most important factor is to ensure that the exact inside surface geometry is replicated through modelling and CNC machining. We can then provide vacuum generated clamping forces, either by the use of stategically positioned suction cups or a 5 axis machined seal groove and sponge chord seal. Alternatively we can offer a clamping force created by super high strength neodinium magnets. One thing is for sure a wise investment is to ensure that the fixture is not an area where savings should be made by using cheap egg-box type fixturing. You can't sell a box of scrap for more than scrap value !!!!